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The Angry Eyebrows are Awful Alvin's creatures of doom. Their behavior is similar to bats.

When someone is mad about something and doesn't let go of it, they seek for that person and attach themselves to the user. The only way to get them off is to let go of anger.

It's unknown exactly if the eyebrows were natural creatures or if Awful Alvin created them due to how LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures never explains the backstory, though according to the story treatment, they were created by Alvin. This seems to be carried over when Awful Alvin appeared in The VeggieTales Show, as he explains to Lampy that they were made from his own eyebrows through the Anger Converter Catalyzer.


LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures

Many of the victims that had these were Ma Mushroom, Carrot Mom, Chief Croswell, Officer Olaf, Bob, Vicki, Junior, and LarryBoy.

They were ultimately defeated by LarryBoy when he lured them to the Knitmaster 3000 and turned them into a giant nightcap. They then captured Awful Alvin inside when he got angry over what became of them. Ma Mushroom was the last victim to let go of her pair, and the sole survivor of the eyebrows flew out.

The VeggieTales Show

Many of the victims that had these were Larry-Boy, Mayor Blueberry, Officer Scooter, Krazy Kenny, Pa Grape, Jimmy and Jerry Gourd and Oscar.


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LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures

The VeggieTales Show

Fun Facts


  • It is unknown what happened to the last pair of angry eyebrows when Ma Mushroom let go of her anger.