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And Now It's Time for Silly Songs with Larry: The Complete Collection is a 2-disc set featuring 35 Silly Songs to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of VeggieTales.


(Silly Animal Songs)

(Silly Dance Songs)

(Silly Food Songs)

(Silly Me Songs)

(Silly Christmas Songs)

(Silly People Songs)

(Songs About Silly Places)

(Silly Stuff Songs)

Fun Facts


  • Each song (except for the Theme Song) appears on both discs, with Disc 1 featuring each standard version, and Disc 2 featuring sing-along/karaoke versions.
  • The songs on Disc 1 are completely out of order, and are separated into the following categories: Silly Animal Songs, Silly Dance Songs, Silly Food Songs, Silly Me Songs, Silly Christmas Songs, Silly People Songs, Songs About Silly Places, and Silly Stuff Songs.
  • The songs on Disc 2 are in alphabetical order, and without a "Play All" option.
  • Additionally, each song featured on disc 1 that were made in the full screen aspect ratio are stretched around the edges of the screen so they fit alongside the ones made in widescreen. This includes Bellybutton which is already in widescreen, and Larry's High Silk Hat which had a widescreen version included as a bonus feature on the Lyle the Kindly Viking DVD. Each full screen song remains unchanged on Disc 2, because most of the sing-along versions are taken directly from previously released DVDs.


  • For an unknown reason, My Baby Elf (from Lord of the Beans) and Do the Moo Shoo (from The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown) aren't included on either disc, or the album of the same title that came out the same day. Thus, calling this "The Complete Collection" is technically wrong.
    • Though, it may be possible that there wasn't enough room to contain the songs from those two episodes.



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