"You can't do this, you're only a cheap copy of me!"
— Larry-Boy
  • Species: Vapor

Alter-Ego is a doppelganger of Larry-Boy. He represents the manifestation of Larry-Boy's pride.


Alter-Ego was created using Alchemist and Mother Pearl's Alter-Ego Machine. Larry-Boy defeats it by being humble about himself.

Physical Appearance and abilities

Alter-Ego is vapor based clone that resembles Larry-Boy, the only differences is his color scheme (purple skin, yellow eyes, green mask, cape, and pants, red/orange suit, and black plunger ears) and bigger.

The only known abilities he has is that he use his plunger ears to bounce his opponents. Much like the fibs, he can grow and shrink if either Larry-Boy become prideful or humble about himself.

Fun Facts

  • He is the second villain created by Larry-Boy. The first being the Rumor Weed.
  • On the back of the Leggo My Ego! cover, Alter-Ego's body is the same size as his head. In the episode, his head is bigger than his body.
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