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All You Can Eat was an online game based on LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures.


Uh-oh! The cotton candy machine has exploded, covering Bumblyburg's citizens with sticky, pink goo! It must be the work of the diabolical Alchemist. It's up to a hungry Herbert and Wally to save the day!

How to play

Use your keyboard's arrow keys to move Herbert and Wally around the park. Eat all the cotton candy you can -- especially when it's covering a hapless vegetable! (You'll get a boost of speed when you rescue a veggie.) Watch out for the Alchemist's orange spray. If he sprays a Bumblyburg citizen, they'll shrink and be scooped up by Mother Pearl's net! The spray can also shrink Herbert and Wally as well. If Herbert and Wally get sprayed three times, they'll get shrunken and scooped up by Mother Pearl's net, and the game is over.

There are 3 levels total in the entire game.

Fun Facts

  • The game is no longer available after the website was revamped. However, the game can still be found at Internet Archives.
  • There are two hidden debug switches: pressing W wins the game, and pressing L gives you the game over screen.
  • The game makes a cameo in the 3-2-1 Penguins! episode More is More.

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