"A joke is a funny story; a prank is a trick on somebody, and when that somebody get's humiliated, it's not funny"
— Grandmum

Pratical Hoax

Kirby Atkins

Music by

Kurt Heinecke




23 minutes

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Practical Hoax is the sixth episode from the first season of 3-2-1 Penguins!


Jason is playing a prank on his sister Michelle by dropping a bucket of water on her. Michelle doesn't take this very well and Grandmum tells Jason that it's not nice to play pranks on other people.

Later, Cavitus is getting annoyed at how his henchmen aren't taking things seriously. He decides to take them to the Academy, where they can get the proper military training they need. However, the henchmen point out they can't go there because Cavitus was suspended there years ago. Cavitus reponds that he has to recognized first.

Back on the Rockhopper, the Penguins have succeeded their mission in establishing a peace treaty between the inhabitants of Planet Fetch and the Border Collie Federation and everything is going well until Jason and Midgel decide to play pranks on the other crew members (eg. a whoopie cushion on Michelle's seat, replacing Zidgel's gel with avocado cream and placing Kevin's image on the glasses, gluing the furniture in Kevin's room upside down, and placing a creme pie on Fidgel's laptop). Michelle warns Jason about what Grandmum said before, but he and Midgel state that they're just harmless. Admiral Strap later informs the crew that most of the staff at the Academy are sick and they need substitutes while they're getting better. They agree that they can help since they're experts there.

Since Fidgel doesn't have teaching duties, he and Michelle decide to investigate the school's file cabinet to see what happened to his pal, Bert Bertman.


Fun Facts


Inside References

Real-World References

  • Mahatma Gandhi was a civil rights leader in India. He is most recognized as the peacemaker for India.
  • The play Zidgel and Squid Girl were acting in one the photos is Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.



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