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Adventures in veggietown
Adventures in VeggieTown

Doug Peterson
Cindy Kenney


April 30, 2012

Adventures in VeggieTown is a book collection featuring three VeggieTown Values stories.


Come join the VeggieTales gang in fun and adventure in VeggieTown. This three-book collection of stories from the VeggieTown Values series provides children with an ideal gift they will enjoy for years to come. Join Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and all their friends as they learn biblical values, morals, and life lessons that make VeggieTown a great place to be!


  1. The Spoon in the Stone (January 30th, 2005)
  2. Field of Beans (January 30th, 2005)
  3. Frog Wars (January 30th, 2005)

Fun Facts[]

  • Both stories in this book collection were originally released on January 30th, 2005 and written by Doug Peterson and Cindy Kenney.