Abraham and Lot is a song from God Wants Us to Make Peace. It is sung by Archibald, Jimmy and Pa Grape.



Archibald: Long, long ago in the time of the Bible, there was a man named Abraham.

Pa Grape: I am Abraham! I am in the Bible!

Archibald: Abraham had a nephew named Lot.

Jimmy: I am Lot! I am... also in the Bible!

Archibald: Abraham and Lot traveled together in land of Canaan, they each had some sheep.

Pa Grape: We have some sheep.

Jimmy: We have some sheep.

Pa Grape: We have some sheep.

Not a lot. A lot, get it?

Jimmy: Yeah, hilarious.

Archibald: But God blessed them with more sheep!

Jimmy: We are sheepful!

Pa Grape: Uh, that's not a word.

Jimmy: Full of sheep. Sheepful.

Bob: (whispering) Just read the lines.

Archibald: So many sheep that there wasn't enough land, without enough land Abraham's shepherds and Lot's shepherds start pushing each other around. Competing for food and water for their sheep!

Pa Grape: This isn't good...

Archibald: If they couldn't find more land, fights would break out between Abraham's men and Lot's men. Fights that could even lead to.. war! Abraham didn't want war with his nephew, Abraham wanted peace.

Pa Grape: What can I do to make peace? When we have too many sheep, what can I do?

Jimmy: When can he do?

Pa Grape: What can I do?

Jimmy: When can he do?

Pa Grape: What can I do?

Archibald: Alright, that's enough! What can he do to make peace with his nephew? You'll find out right after this break!


Archibald: Abraham and Lot needed to go their separate ways. They each needed their own land. Enough land for all their sheep and shepherds.

Pa Grape: We need our own land, you and I, a land that is as big as the sky!

Jimmy: It's true! We do! ... Need land for me and you!

Archibald: Fortunately, there was two big pieces of land available. But unfortunately, the pieces of land were not the same. One piece was wonderful, with lots of grass and trees and water! The other one... not so much. Kinda dry and icky.

Pa Grape: This land is good, that land is bad.

Jimmy: If I get that one, I'll be mad!

Pa Grape: A land for me, a land for you. But which for which? And what for who?

Archibald: Who gets the good land? In the ancient world, it was very simple. The oldest person had the right to pick first.

Pa Grape: Hey, I'm the oldest!

Jimmy: Aw, man...

Archibald: So Abraham would choose the good land.

Jimmy: Aw, man...

Archibald: Abraham's flocks would flourish!

Jimmy: Aw, man...

Archibald: It would be the smart thing to do, but is that what he did?

Pa Grape: That land is good, it's plain to see. My flocks would flourish wonderfully! Although I love my flocks and fleece, more important: I love peace!

And though I could, give Lot the worse. I think that I'll let him pick first!

Jimmy: Wait, what did you say?

Pa Grape: You can pick first.

Jimmy: You'll let me pick the good land?

Pa Grape: You can have the good land. Having peace sometimes means letting other go first. It means making what they want more important than what you want.

Archibald: So Abraham let Lot choose the good land and Abraham got the bad land, and there was piece between them! And God blessed Abraham with more land, and more sheep, and kids, and goats, and camels, and... you get the idea. Like Jesus said: "Blessed are the peace makers, for they are the sons of God!" The end.

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