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A ShakeSparagus Play

Todd Waterman


Vincent Aniceto
Eric Newman
Tom Newman


Sean Gaffney

Music by

Kurt Heinecke


June 30, 2020


23 minutes

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Means Giving Up

A ShakeSparagus Play is the sixth episode of The VeggieTales Show, which teaches a lesson about humility.


The famous playwright, ShakeSparagus, wants Larry to star in his next play. All is not well and doesn’t end well when being the star goes to Larry’s head. That’s when Bob decides that Larry needs to learn a lesson about humility. The Veggies reenact the biblical story of King Nebuchadnezzar who ruled over a very large kingdom and was very proud. His pride hurt himself and hurt others until God put him in a "time out" to learn a very important lesson. Join the Veggie crew as they learn that whether you are a king or the star of a play, that being humble and looking out for the interests of others is always the best way.



Fun Facts



  • When Bob becomes shocked about putting on ShakeSparagus' play at the last minute, he goes slightly wall-eyed.
  • Near the end of the second scene of the MacCheese play, The French Peas' voices get swapped.
  • When Jimmy and Jerry enter into Nebuchadnezzar’s throne room, there is a shot where you can spot Jerry’s forehead clipping through his eyelid.
  • During Nebuchadnezzar’s scene in the wilderness, Laura’s line "I told you" is spoken by Lisa Vischer (using Junior’s voice) instead of Kira Buckland.
  • When Archibald says that God restored King Nebuchadnezzar's kingdom, his body becomes contorted. Most notably, his spear appears squished.
  • Throughout the episode, various characters' mouths become slightly jagged and angular in shape, most notably in some closeups of Mr. Lunt and Archibald.

Inside References

  • Larry's robe that he wears in the MacCheese poster is the same one from King George and the Ducky.
  • In Larry's fantasy about the MacCheese play, his costume is the same one used by one of the family members from the Mac and Cheese silly song.
  • The French Peas taunting Larry from a giant wall is a reference to Josh and the Big Wall!
  • There are a few references to Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen:
    • Nebachadnezzar’s throne room set looks like the one from said episode.
    • Larry's Nebuchadnezzar costume is similar to King Xerxes', most notably the crown/headpiece.
    • When Nebuchadnezzar is grazing in the fields, the backdrop behind him features a artistic rendering of the Babylonian palace that looks similar to the one from Esther.
  • Pa's Daniel costume is the same one that has been seen in previous episodes.
  • Laura’s sheep costume is the same as to Jerry and Goliath’s sheep costumes from God Wants Us to Make Peace, albeit smaller.





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