Veggie Tunes
Music by

Kurt Heinecke


October 31, 2000


40 minutes, 15 seconds

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A Queen, a King, and a Very Blue Berry, also known as VeggieTunes 3, is the third album of the VeggieTunes series. It contained songs from the shows: "Madame Blueberry" and "King George and the Ducky", the sing-a-long compliation video: The End of Silliness?, and the show's biggest special Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen.


  1. VeggieTales Theme Song
  2. I'm So Blue (from "Madame Blueberry")
  3. Stuff-Mart Suite (from "Madame Blueberry")
  4. Salesmunz Rap (from "Madame Blueberry")
  5. Thankfulness Song (from "Madame Blueberry")
  6. Stuff Stuff, Mart Mart (The Blue Danube; from "Madame Blueberry")
  7. Love Songs with Mr. Lunt: His Cheeseburger (from "Madame Blueberry")
  8. The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps (from "The End of Silliness?")
  9. I Love My Duck (from "King George and the Ducky")
  10. I Must Have It (from "King George and the Ducky")
  11. There Once Was a Man (from "King George and the Ducky")
  12. The Selfish Song (from "King George and the Ducky")
  13. Silly Songs with Larry: Endangered Love (from "King George and the Ducky")
  14. The Battle Prelude (from Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen)
  15. Haman's Song (from Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen)
  16. The Battle Is Not Ours (from Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen)
  17. Lost Puppies (from Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen)
  18. What Have We Learned (Normal version)

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