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A Polar Pickle!
Directed by

Larry Whitaker

Produced by

Jeff Holder
Jason Vanborssum

Written by

Bob Miller

Music by

Christopher Davis


November 23, 2002 (Christian market)
November 26, 2002 (mass market)


7 minutes

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A Polar Pickle! is the third LarryBoy Super Short.


At the Bumblyburg Zoo, Archibald and Larry are seen taking photos of polar bears. Meanwhile, a carrot father and a pickle boy holding a yellow toy fish are excited to go see the penguins. After the carrot father says to the pickle boy that penguins are so cool, he accidentally bumps into the pickle boy, and the pickle boy's toy fish falls into the penguins' enclosure. The penguins soon notice the toy fish, and they think that it is a real fish. When a skinny and a fat penguin start fighting over it, the pickle boy starts to cry upon realizing that he has lost his toy fish.

Overhearing the crying, Archibald and Larry realize that someone needs a hero. Larry tries to go into a phone booth to transform into LarryBoy, but everyone in the zoo is staring at him. Fortunately, Archibald has a portable dressing room in his suitcase, so Larry goes in there to change rather than going inside the phone booth. After coming out of the dressing room the first time, Larry realizes that he accidentally changed into a ballerina, so he goes back into the dressing room to change again. When he comes out of the dressing room this time, he is in his LarryBoy costume.

When LarryBoy arrives at the penguins' enclosure to break up the fight between the skinny and fat penguins, the two penguins accidentally drop the toy fish in the water, so all of the penguins jump in to get it. After putting on a snorkel and folding up his cape, LarryBoy also jumps in the water. However, the penguins go back up to the surface again with the toy fish, so LarryBoy follows after them. The penguins and LarryBoy then jump in the water and go back up to the surface again. When the penguins jump in the water a third time, LarryBoy does not follow them, but instead waits for them to come back up to the surface. Sure enough, the penguins come back up with the toy fish, and LarryBoy tries to grab the toy fish with his claw from his utility belt, which starts a tug-of-war between the penguins and LarryBoy. After the skinny penguin lets go of the toy fish, LarryBoy ends up in the fat penguin's mouth. The fat penguin then spits him out, and LarryBoy gets the toy fish. However, the skinny penguin tricks LarryBoy by pointing at him to look up at the pickle boy who has lost his toy fish, and then the skinny penguin takes the toy fish inside the penguins' igloo.

LarryBoy goes in after the skinny penguin using his plunger ears, but he crashes into an ice wall, and an icicle breaks and falls on him. The fat penguin then takes the toy fish from the skinny penguin, and he starts to slide down an ice hill. The skinny penguin goes after him, and so does LarryBoy, the latter using an icicle like a snowboard. The three slide down the ice, until the fat penguin with the toy fish stops sliding when he realizes that he is on the edge of a cliff. The skinny penguin soon bumps into him after that. When the two penguins see LarryBoy coming, they move out of the way to let LarryBoy fall off of the cliff, but LarryBoy uses his plunger ears to save himself from falling.

The two penguins run away again, but LarryBoy soon catches up to them. However, they turn out to be on the other side of an ice wall. LarryBoy uses a hair dryer to melt the ice, but the steam from the hair dryer triggers a smoke alarm, which causes water from the sprinkler system to fall on LarryBoy and instantly turn into ice, therefore freezing him.

The two penguins run out of the igloo, and while they continue to fight over the toy fish outside, LarryBoy breaks himself free out of the ice by using a drill and a hammer and nail from his utility belt. Upon exiting the igloo, the toy fish lands in LarryBoy's mouth, and the two penguins jump on him. However, when the two penguins land on LarryBoy, the toy fish finally lands back in the hands of its rightful owner, the pickle boy, who becomes excited after getting his toy fish back.

Archibald says to LarryBoy, "Good show, Master Larry!," leading the hero to sarcastically say "Yeah, whoopie!". The pickle boy and the carrot father then go see the polar bears, but the same thing unfortunately happens again; the carrot father bumps into the pickle boy, which causes the pickle boy's toy fish to land into the polar bears' enclosure, leading to the two polar bears growling over said toy fish. Saddened over losing his toy fish for a second time, the pickle boy starts crying again and upon hearing that, Archibald tries to tell LarryBoy that someone needs a hero, but LarryBoy sarcastically says "Yeah, whoopie!" and groans in exhaustion.





Fun Facts


  • This is the second time when somebody cries in the LarryBoy series. This previously happened in The Yodelnapper!.
  • This was storyboarded by John Fountain, a co-director of Hero: 108 (which Wall and Redeker also worked on) and storyboard artist for The Fairly OddParents, My Life as a Teenage Robot, and ChalkZone.
  • There were a few differences between pre-production and the final product:
    • According to Bob Miller's LinkedIn profile, this short was originally called "LarryBoy and the Penguins".
    • The scene where the toy fish drops in the water was originally longer.
      • When the penguins let go of the toy fish, it hovered for a few seconds in front of the pickle boy before bouncing off one of the smaller penguins, knocking him out. Then the toy fish would bounce around the enclosure several times, going back and forth between the skinny and fat penguins. It would then bounce off a beach ball before being launched hundreds of feet into the air by a curved iceberg and finally land in the water. This scene can be found in storyboards by Chuck Grieb.

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