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A Little More of This is a song from Lord of the Beans. It was sung by Billboy Baggypants (played by Archibald Asparagus).


My life has been a series of adventures

A string of journeys, guests and curious trips

I've done all right, you see

Gathering riches for me

All to bring the cup of joy up to my lips

I grabbed a little more of this and a little more of that

I wanted to be happy but instead it left me flat

Share with me the secret if you can

The key to be a truely happy man

I didn't mean to interrupt your feasting

Or bore you with my silly little speech

So dig right in my friends before the celebration ends

And the plate of pressure passes out of reach

And have a little more of this and little more of that

You hope it makes you happy

But it only makes you fat

And now it's time to bid you all adieu

But not before a present, just for you.