A Friend is a Friend is a song sung in VeggieTales Live! On Stage. It was also sung in Bob and Larry's Backyard Party, Junior's Playtime Songs, and God Made You Special Live!.


Bob: I was scared when I thought that I had lost you ... When I couldn't find you anywhere at all... I thought I'd have to carry on alone -- all by myself ... Even though I'm only 3 feet tall.

Larry: Oh Bob, when I was lost I was so frightened. I thought my life was coming to an end. Cuz I can make it by even with no arms or legs... but not without my very bestest friend! A friend is a friend who will tell you stories and help you brush your tooth. A friend is a friend with will give you courage when you have to kiss your great aunt Ruth.

Bob: A friend is a friend who will do all they can to help you make your TV show. Oh, a friend is a friend is a friend is a friend, don't you know? They’ll get you out of a jam!

Larry: They’ll get you out of the sink!

Bob: They’ll always laugh at your jokes!

Larry: ...even when they -- um -- stink.

Bob: Huh?

Larry: And if you're feeling real low...

Bob: And if you're starting to wilt...

Larry: A friend will even let you wear their favorite kilt!

Bob: What?! "Their favorite kilt?!"

Larry: Well it HAD to rhyme! You’re the one who said "wilt!"

Bob: Oh, that's okay.

Larry: It is?

Bob: Yep. Do you know why?

Larry: Why?

Bob: Because... A friend is a friend is a friend is a friend.

Larry: A friend is a friend is a friend to the end.

Bob: A friend will attend, recommend and defend.

Larry: Because...!

Bob and Larry: A friend is a friend is a friend is a friend is a friend.

(Song ends)

Larry: Well, congratulations, Bob. This has been the best backyard party ever.

Bob: Well, thanks, Larry. Congratulations to you too.

Larry: You know, look around your yard. I think I understand why you throw this party every year.

Bob: Uhhh, why is that, Larry?

Larry: Because it'll take a least year to clean up this mess.

Bob: Oh, I'm sure everybody can help, they're friends. First, we got time for one more song.

Larry: Only one? No-OK.

Bob: Well, thanks for coming everybody!

Larry: Goodbye!

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