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A Beautiful Mess is a song from VeggieTales in the House episode, Jimmy and Jerry's Big Mess. It was sung by Jimmy and Jerry Gourd.


Jimmy: One man's garbage

Another man's treasure

To see it pile up is such a pleasure

We'll come to your house

And before we're done

You'll say

Jerry: "Makin' a mess is really fun"

Jimmy: A clean house is boring

And sooner or later

You'll need interior decorators

Who track mud on your carpets

Smear your windows and walls

Jerry: Clutter your kitchen

And block your halls

Jimmy: We'll dirty your dishes

Wipe our mouths with your drapes

You're gonna smile and say

Jerry: "This really looks great"

Jimmy: You'll soon agree that we're the best

At makin' your house a beautiful mess

You don't have to pay us

We'll do it for free

We'll all eat and sleep and watch TV

Have pie and pillow fights

And we're sure that you

Will want us to stay

Jerry: Another week or two

Jimmy: Yes, we'll do our job

And we'll do it well

Jerry: And after a while

You won't mind the smell

Lisa: That's about enough of that, m'kay? Thanks, now, buh-bye.

Jimmy: You'll soon agree we're awesome guests

We've made your house

Jimmy and Jerry: A beautiful mess

Jimmy: Before we're done you'll be impressed

With the mice and the flies

And the other pests

You'll admire our work

And we won't rest

Jimmy and Jerry: Till we've made your home

A beautiful mess

Jimmy: Wait, why are you saying

We've got it wrong?

And that you wish that we're gone?

You don't like the mess

Or that we ate your food?

All we can say is...

Jimmy and Jerry: We're sorry, dude