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야채극장 베지테일 (also simply known as 베지테일) is the Korean dub of VeggieTales. It was released on DVD and VHS from 2004 to 2005 by Fountain Inc. and Bitwin (although at least three releases were distributed by D-Co Entertainment in 2007) and was broadcasted on EBS in 2004 and Tooniverse in an unknown year.

Translations and Voices[]

English Name Korean Name Korean Voice Actor
Bob the Tomato 토마토 밥 Um Sang-hyun
Jerry Gourd 제리
Mr. Nezzer 네저
Mr. Lunt 런트
Larry the Cucumber 오이 래리 Kim Seong-jun
Junior Asparagus 주니어 아스파라거스 Lee So-young
Madame Blueberry 징징부인
Mom Asparagus 엄마 아스파라거스
Laura Carrot 당근 로라 Ham Sujung
Archibald Asparagus 아스파라거스 아치볼드 Park Kyeong-chan
Jimmy Gourd 지미
Pa Grape 파 그레이프
Dad Asparagus 아빠 아스파라거스
Jean-Claude Pea 완두콩 장클로드 Park Ji-hoon
Philippe Pea 완두콩 필립 Oh In-seong
Scooter Carrot 당근 스쿠터 Park Kyeong-chan (most episodes)
Um Sang-hyun (Lyle the Kindly Viking)
The Scallions Unknown (Scallion #1; most episodes)
Oh In-seong (Scallion #1; Are You My Neighbor? and Madame Blueberry)
Park Kyeong-chan (Scallion #1; King George and the Ducky, as the Englishman)
Um Sang-hyun (Scallion #1; King George and the Ducky, as Cedric/Scallions #2 and #3)

Other Characters[]

English Name Korean Name Korean Voice Actor
Lovey Asparagus unknown Ham Sujung
Annie Onion 애니
Lil' Pea 작은 완두콩
Mabel 메이블
Ma Grape 마 그레이프 Unknown
Henry the Potato 감자 헨리
Palmy 팔미
Grandpa George 할아버지 조지
Asparagus Singers 아스파라거스 가수
Christophe Pea 완두콩 크리스토프
Goliath 골리앗
Queen Vashti 왕비 와스디
Esther 에스더
Dad Carrot 아빠 당근 Um Sang-hyun
Dad Pea 아빠 완두콩
Lenny Carrot 당근 레니 Lee So-young
Rumor Weed 속닥속닥풀
Penelope 페넬로페
Percy Pea 완두콩 퍼시 Lee So-young (most episodes)
Unknown (Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen)
The Fib 뻥깨비 Park Ji-hoon

Additional voices: Lee So-young, Oh In-seong, Um Sang-hyun, Ham Sujung


NOTE: Each episode is ordered by their original premiere on EBS, as the show premiered on there first before being released on home video. The Star of Christmas is put last because it never aired on EBS.

  1. 우울한 징징 부인 (Madame Blueberry) (Depressed whining lady)
  2. 서부의 사나이 리틀 조 (The Ballad of Little Joe) (Little Joe the man of the west)
  3. 욕심쟁이 오이 대왕 (King George and the Ducky) (Greedy cucumber king)
  4. 신발 마을과 냄비 마을 (TV)/누가 나의 이웃일까요? (DVD) (Are You My Neighbor?) (Shoe Village and Pot Village/Who is my neighbor?)
  5. 다윗과 골리앗 (Dave and the Giant Pickle) (David and Goliath)
  6. 오이맨과 속닥속닥풀 (TV)/래리보이와 속닥속닥풀 (DVD) (Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed) (Cucumber Man and whisper whisper/Larry Boy and whisper whisper)
  7. 오이맨과 뻥깨비 (TV)/래리보이와 뻥개비 (DVD) (Larry-Boy! and the Fib from Outer Space!) (Cucumber Man and poonkkaebi/Larry Boy and bugong king bar)
  8. 착한 바이킹 라일 (Lyle the Kindly Viking) (Good viking Lyle)
  9. 심술쟁이 청포도 가족 (God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!) (Grumpy green grape family)
  10. 에스더 이야기 (Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen) (Esther's story)
  11. 여호수아와 여리고성 (Josh and the Big Wall!) (Joshua and Jericho)
  12. 세 친구 (Rack, Shack and Benny) (Three friends)
  13. 크리스마스의 별 (The Star of Christmas) (same translation)


Fun Facts[]



  • Even though the DVDs have Korean and English audio, the double feature DVDs only have English subtitles.
    • The double feature DVDs also default to the English track rather than the Korean track.


  • King George refers to Junior by his real name rather than his character's name (Thomas). Archibald Asparagus is also called by his nickname (Archie).
  • Despite the 1998-2000 theme song being used in Larry-Boy! and the Fib from Outer Space!, the music is taken from the 1994-1997 theme song.