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سوبر تيخة is the Egyptian Arabic dub of LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures. It was dubbed at and formerly aired on SAT-7 Kids in April 2019.


  • مجلة القصير المدور (The Daily Bumble) (The Short, Round Magazine)


Super Shorts

  • سوبر تيخة متعدد الاغراض (Cuke of All Trades!) (LarryBoy of Multiple Purposes)
  • (A Polar Pickle)

Fun Facts


  • Although some of the signs are localized, minor signs are not.
    • This also includes the logo and credits not being localized, with the Arabic logo being put above the English logo.
  • Unlike the original version, this dub's version of He is That Hero does not have backup vocals.

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