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This is the episode transcript for Twas The Night Before Easter.


Opening Countertop[]

(The show's theme song plays. Fade to Opening Countertop where Bob and Larry are having an Easter egg hunt. All the eggs are out in the open and not hidden.)

Larry: Oh, found another one. Op, and another!

Bob: Larry, slow down. Save some for me.

Larry: Come on, Bob. Gotta keep up. I'm looking for the golden egg. I can't let you find it first.

Bob: Well, I'm not as good as you at finding Easter eggs.

(Larry finds an egg.)

Bob: Oh!

Larry: Sorry, it was right there.

Bob: Aww, man!

Larry: Woo-hoo! I am an egg finding genius!

Bob: Please Larry, can you at least give me a little help?

Larry: But if I do that, how am I going to find the- (gasp) Golden egg!

Bob: Congratulations...

Larry: Oh Bob, I just love Easter. Springtime, baskets, chocolate, golden eggs, whattaya suppose is in here? A giant creme-filled chocolate bunny? Please tell me it's a giant cream-filled bunny.

Bob: Couldn't tell ya.

Timmy (O.S.): Happy Easter, Bob and Larry.

Bob: Well, hi!

Larry: What's your name?

Timmy: My name's Timmy Tucker.

Larry: (whispering) I wonder why Qwerty didn't tell is about Timmy?

Bob: Qwerty's got Sundays off.

Larry: Oh, right.

Bob: Well, hi Timmy, how can we help you?

Timmy: Well, I dunno...I'm just happy you're doing a Easter show...because I love Easter! There's Easter baskets, chocolate, colored eggs-

Larry: Golden eggs?

Timmy: I love all that stuff!

Larry: Do you especially love the giant cream-filled bunnies?

Timmy: Those are GREAT! Are you gonna have that kind of stuff in your show?

Larry: Yeah Bob, are we?!

Bob: You know, those things are fun, but sometimes it's easy to forget what's really important about Easter.

Larry: ...yeah Bob, what is really important about Easter?

Bob: Well Timmy- AND Larry. It just so happens that we have a story today that can help to remind us all about something, and someone, far more important.

Larry: Oh, that's good. While it's going can you help me get this egg open? Timmy, if it's a giant cream-filled bunny, I'll split it with ya.

Bob: Roll film.

Twas the Night Before Easter Act I[]

(We fade to Marlee Meade, played by Petunia, doing the news report on Channel 3)

Marlee Meade: So, don't you worry, it's still the same dress Haven you know and love, but now with a new blue curtain. (Pan to the store called "DressHaven" and they have a dress with a blue spots.) This is Marlee Meade signing off for Access 3. Keeping Crisper Crisp!

Louis (Larry the Cucumber): And cut!

Marlee: What am I doing? A new blue curtain?!

Louis: "Keeping Crisper Crisp!" That sounded great! Can I write a tagline or what?

Marlee: Oh, Louis, this isn't news, it's fluff!

Louis: Crisper County needs to know!

Marlee: No, they don't! They don't need to know! What difference does make that DressHaven has a new blue curtain?

Louis: Well, there might somewhere out there who loves blue curtains and that person's really happy now! (Marlee is unamused.) It's cable access. It's what we do.

Marlee: Well, I don't know if I want to do it anymore. Can I see that? "I want to make a difference, I want to help people. Little Suzy learns how to use the big potty. Man finds missing chickens. A reunion story." (unamused) Oh, good.

Louis: Those are later this afternoon.

Marlee: You know, that's why I studied theater. I wish I could be doing that instead. Theater has the power to help people to give them a vision of something bigger, something more important!

Louis: Well, then, this next story might be right up your alley.

(We cut to an old theater and we see the sign that says CLOSED)

Marlee: Oh, I love this old building! You see, Louis, if this place is still up and running, I could be putting on musicals, instead of reporting on chicken reunions.

Prescott E. Huddlecoat (Archibald Asparagus): (O.S.): Too bad I'm tearing it down!

Louis: Next story!

(Louis records the video camera)

(Prescott shows up in the scene)

Prescott: Good day! Prescott E. Huddlecoat, the owner of this old theater.

Marlee: You're going to knock it down?!

Prescott: Ah, yes. It'll be a shame to see her go. Don't think it's without reservation. You know, theater blood runs very deep in my family. Perhaps, you've heard of my brother, Winston Huddlecoat, talent judge on the hugely popular, "America's Got British Judges" television show?

Marlee: I think I-

Prescott: Of course you have! Ah, but the theater. Yes, she's old and quite unsafe. I plan to tear her down and build a playground. The children at the homeless shelter could use someplace to play. Think of all the happy children.

Louis: Keeping Crisper Crisp!

Marlee: But, you can't! (turn to Louis) Louis, pause tape.

Louis: But...

Marlee: Pause tape (laughs nervously)

Louis: Pausing tape. (Louis does so.)

Marlee: But, the theater, I mean, think of all the good it could do!

Prescott: Whereas a playground for a homeless children?

Marlee: Oh, please, Mr. Huddlecoat! Please don't tear it down!

Prescott: Miss...

Marlee: Meade. Marlee Meade.

Prescott: Mrs. Meade, there has not been a production here in over 15 years and the building is in need of extensive repair. What would you suggest I do?

(Marlee thinks for a moment and she has an idea as we pan to the title "Twas the Night Before Easter", and we pan very closely to the moon. We cut inside the old theater as Louis brings the box inside.)

Louis: I can't believe you quit your job.

Marlee: Thanks for helping me move, Louis.

Louis: I can't believe I quit your job because you quit your job.

Marlee: Oh don't worry. It'll be worth it. You'll see. (She walks up to Louis as she's hanging on to Louis's shoulder.) We're gonna help people through the power of musical theater!

Louis: Good thing I still live with my mother.

Marlee: Louis, you are a great writer! "Keeping Crisper Crisp." Not just anyone can come up with that! How's the writing coming?

Louis: Well, I gave up on the turn of "The Century Farming Musical".

Marlee: Okra-homa?

Louis: Yeah, that one. Since it's Spring time, I'm working on an Easter theme musical.

Marlee: Oh, I love that idea!

Louis: It's called "Up with Bunnies!"

(Louis shows the poster of "Up with Bunnies" Opening Easter Saturday)

Marlee: Catchy. But Easter is only a week away. You better get hopping.

Louis: Ooh. Clever.

(We cut to Howard Greenman (played by Mr. Lunt) who got burned and electrocuted)

Howard: I fixed the lights in the bathroom, Mrs. Meade!

Marlee: Thank you, Howard!

Howard: You bet! Don't mind the green wires hanging from the ceiling. I don't think those do anything.

Marlee: Okay...Remember, the show has got to be big. Big sets, big lights, big casts, big bunnies!

Louis: With big ears!

Marlee: Sure, big ears!

Louis: Awesome!

Marlee: Remember, we don't have much time!

Prescott: We're ready for auditions! It's a great turnout! The whole town is a buzz!

Marlee: Thank you for helping us, Mr. Huddlecoat!

Prescott: Oh, please. Call me Prescott. It's a pleasure, Marlee! You have reignited my inner thespian!

Louis: I think I might have some Tums.

(Louis enters the theater, leaving Prescott confused)

Prescott: What?

(We cut to Marlee sitting on a piano as the "Audition Song" starts.)

Marlee: La, la, la, la, la, la, la! (x2)

La, la, la, la!

The French Peas: She sells pea pods at the bean store. (x2)

(overlapped singing)

Jimmy and Jerry Gourd: Rutabaga buggy bumpers. (x2)

Howard, Pa Grape, Mr. Nezzer, Laura Carrot, Percy Pea: La, la, la, la, la, la, la! (x2)

The Scallions and the French Peas: I'll get it! I'll get it!

I'll try my best and get it!

If I try my best and do this right,

Then maybe I will get it!

(overlapped singing ends here)

Marlee: For your audition, tell us exactly why you should be in the musical. But tells us through song!

Jimmy: I'm Jimmy..

Jerry: And I'm Jerry.

Jimmy: We're auditions 1..

Jerry: And 2.

Jimmy: We really love attention..

Jerry: And we need something to do.

Jimmy and Jerry Gourd: Before this singing spectacle

Comes to its Easter end,

We really hope it's helped us make

At least a couple friends!

Jerry: Frieeends...

Jimmy: Frieends...

Jerry: Frieeeeends...

Jimmy: Fr-fr-frieends...

Jerry: Frien-f-frieeends... friends......friends

Jimmy: Uh...

Jerry: Friiiends..

Jimmy: Frieeends...

Jerry: Friends...

Howard: I am Howard Greenman.

I'm audition number 3!

Quite frankly, there's no other place

Where I would rather be.

I really love inventing

Singing robot egg machines.

If you have got the screwdriver,

Then I have got the me-e-eans!

Marlee: I love it! Giant singing robots! One million times yes!

Prescott: I don't get the whole robot thing, and it was kind of poochy.

Louis: That's "pitchy." "Poochy" is a dog.

Prescott: That's poochy, dog.

The Scallions: The blending of our harmonies

Is just shy of perfection...

Scallion #3: Perfection

The Scallions: We're certain that we'd be an ideal

Musical sele-e-e-ection.

Marlee: The red looks fantastic on you!

Prescott: So, you are a barbershop...

Scallion #2: Quartet!

Prescott: Quartet?

Louis: One...two...three...

Prescott: You did say "quartet..."

Scallion #2: Yeah! Quartet!

Prescott: Next!

(overlapped singing)

Pa Grape, Mr. Nezzer, Laura Carrot, Percy Pea: La, la, la, la, la, la, la! (x2)

The Scallions and the French Peas: I'll get it! I'll get it!

I'll try my best and get it!

If I try my best and do this right

Then maybe I will get it!

(overlapped singing ends)

Mr. Nezzer: I'm trying to impress my boss.

Pa Grape: Songs make me feel dandy.

Laura Carrot: It gets me out of doing chores.

Percy Pea: I hear there will be candy!

Pa Grape, Mr. Nezzer, and Laura Carrot: But in addition to these reasons

Pa Grape, Mr. Nezzer, Laura Carrot, and Percy Pea: With their upsides and their flaws,

The thing we love the most

Is the applause, applause, applause!

Marlee: Yes!

Louis: No!

Prescott: Forget it!

Louis: Love it!

Prescott: It's great!

Marlee: It's awful!

Marlee, Prescott, and Louis: Grrr!

Pa Grape, Mr. Nezzer, Laura Carrot, Percy Pea: The thing we cannot wait for

Is applause, applause, applause!

Prescott: It was very karaoke.

Louis: This is the best season ever!

Marlee: What?

Jimmy and Jerry Gourd, Mr. Nezzer, and Scallion #2: La, la, la, la, la, la, la!

Marlee, Prescott, and Louis: I'm disagreeing

Jimmy and Jerry Gourd, Mr. Nezzer, and Scallion #2: La, la, la, la, la, la, la!

Marlee and Prescott: With what you're seeing!

Jimmy and Jerry Gourd, Mr. Nezzer, and Scallion #2: La, la, la, la, la, la, la!

Marlee and Prescott: I feel like screaming!

Louis: Calm down! Do this later! Just a few auditions left! Whew!

The French Peas: Hello! We are the French Peas!

We're auditions 5-9!

There seems to be some tension

In our fledgling chorus line.

Before you all get super mad

And all fun disappears,

Perhaps we'd reevaluate

The reasons why we're here.

Jean-Claude: We believe that reason is puppies!

(Miss Achmetha sings Lost Puppies, just as she did in Esther...The Girl who Became Queen.)

Miss Achmetha: Puppies are cuddly, puppies are cute.

They're never nasty or mean.

I'd give a home to all the lost puppies,



(We cut to Louis, Prescott, and Marlee exiting the theater, feeling concerned.)

Prescott: That was interesting.

Louis: Some of the singers weren't bad.

Marlee: But we need a lead. If "Up with Bunnies" is going to be success, we need a star. (Prescott's phone is ringing. Prescott answers it.)

Prescott: Hello? Hello, Winston! (to Louis) It's my brother, Winston! The famous one, from "America's Got British Judges"! (to Winston) Yes, I see! Of course! Oh, really? Well, isn't that interesting? Absolutely! Yes! Have a good evening! (hangs up) Cassie Casava!

Marlee: Well, yeah! She'd be great, but she doesn't live here anymore.

Louis: Not after winning Season 3 of "America's Got British Judges".

Marlee: They are big time.

Prescott: And she's going home to Crisper County for Easter! Winston said she will be singing at a home Church, Crisper County Gospel this Easter Sunday!

Marlee: Here?! In Crisper, at Easter?!

Prescott: Uh-huh!

(Marlee is feeling emotional as we cut to her and Louis sitting on a bench.)

Louis: Where are we going?

Marlee: Cathrine and I are going to Crisper County Gospel Church. You're going home to write.

Louis: Write. "Up with Bunnies"! Check it out! (singing) Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies, up, up, up, up, Up with Bunnies

They’re so furry and adorable, oh,

bunnies make me smile!

Marlee: Catchy. Can you imagine if we get Cassie Cassava and Tiana for the show?

Louis: But aren't they supposed to sing at the church?

Marlee: Louis, we can't let this opportunity slip through our fingers.

(As the bus appears, Marlee and Catherine get on. Then the bus drove off, leaving Louis confused.)

Louis: Our what?

(We cut to black. Then we fade to the Crisper County Gospel Church. As we cut to the inside, Pastor Irwin (played by Bob the Tomato) is standing on the ladder, getting ready for an Easter Sunday. He is putting up the banner that says "Easter Sunrise Service with Cassie Cassava.)

Ms. B (played by Madame Blueberry): Be careful of zere!

(Pastor Irwin trips and fall on the ground)

Pastor Irwin: Ow. (gets back up) I need a bigger ladder. I think there's one in the Fireside room. Could you do me a favor and make sure we have enough bulletins? I don't want to run out.

Ms. B: You are running yourself ragged.

Pastor Irwin: (offscreen) It's the biggest Sunday of the year! I'm hoping for a huge turnout!

Ms. B: Well, attendance is usually up on Easter morning.

(Pastor Irwin comes back with the big ladder)

Pastor Irwin: Ah, but this Easter is special!

(Pastor Irwin accidentally hits the plates, causing them to go on the ground.)

Pastor Irwin: Whoops! This Easter, Cassie and Tiana are singing!

(Pastor was about to hit Ms. B with the ladder accidentally, but she dodges it.)

Ms. B: Yes. It will be lovely to see Cassie again. We are very proud of her.

(Pastor Irwin accidentally knocked the small ladder down)

Pastor Irwin: Whoops! Can you imagine the turnout? Cassie and Tiana are stars! This place is gonna be packed! You know, attendance has been down. If we can impress all the people that come Easter Sunday, they'll come back!

Ms. B: And you of all people, Pastor Irwin, should know that the church is not here to impress but to serve. That's what Jesus did at Easter. The Son of Man came to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.

Pastor Irwin: You've been reading my sermon notes again, haven't you?

Ms. B: Maybe.

(Ms. B walks off)

Pastor Irwin: Oh, before I forget, could you sharpen the pencils and the pews, and make sure they're stocked with visitor's cards?

Ms. B: I'm going to the Homeless Shelter. I'll help you when I get back.

(As Ms. B is about to leave, she notices Marlee standing inside the church)

Ms. B: 'Allo!

Marlee: Hi!

(As Marlee takes a step forward, Pastor Irwin is almost there getting the banner to finish pulling up.)

Marlee: Oh, be careful up there!

(Pastor Irwin falls off the ladder, then he is getting dizzy)

Marlee: Are you okay?

Pastor Erwin: (dizzily) Can I help you, ladies?

Marlee: Hi, I'm Marlee Meade. I'm the new directors of at the Crisper County Theater.

Pastor Erwin: (dizzily) Hi, Mrs. Meade. I'm Pastor Erwin.

Marlee: I'm sorry. I hope we didn't distract you. It won't be long. I just have a question about Casie Cassava.

Pastor Erwin: (stops being dizzy) What? What do you want to know about Cassie?

Marlee: Well, Pastor, I was hoping you would know where I can find her. We're staging a big Easter themed Musical on Easter Weekend.

Pastor Erwin: And?

Marlee: And I was hoping to ask Cassie if they would perform for us on opening night.

Pastor Erwin: Oh, no, no, no, no, no! Cassie can't perform for you, Cassie is singing here Easter morning. See?

(Marlee stare at the banner)

Marlee: Yes, we can see that. But don't worry, our show is Saturday night. It won't interfere.

Pastor Erwin: Oh, but it will! This is a big Service for us! We'll need to rehearse on Saturday night. We gotta get it right!

Marlee: But, the show will be amazing! Think of all the people!

Pastor Erwin: I'm sorry, Mrs. Meade. Cassie can't do both. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of work to finish up around here.

Marlee: Thank you for your time, Pastor Irwin.

(Pastor Irwin watches Marlee leave the church sadly. We cut to the people chanting Cassie while waiting for them. Marlee watches them. Cassie pulls up and got out of the car. Pastor Irwin got out of the church to greet them.)

Pastor Irwin: Cassie! Welcome!

(Pastor took Cassie in the church. We fade outside of the theater. As we cut to inside, Louis, Cathrine, Marlee and audition crew are planning a musical.)

Marlee: Okay, crew, we have a lot of work to do and not much time. (to Louis) Louis, how was a finale coming.

Louis: Great! I'm still working on the bridge. Almost done.

Marlee: Awesome! Make sure that ends big. Howard? Howard? Does anybody know where Howard is?

(An Easter egg is thrown at the curtain offscreen)

  • Marlee: Ah! What was that?!

(Another egg is thrown)

Louis: I think it was a giant painted Easter-

(The egg was thrown at Louis in the curtain offscreen)

Cathrine: Louis!

Howard: Howdy, Marlee!

Howard: Just working on Gary here.

Marlee: Gary?

Howard: My robot Easter Bunny. I haven't worked out all the kinks.

Louis: (puts his hat back on) He's the centerpiece for the "Up with Bunnies" finale. Show her.

(Gary goes up onstage. Howard presses the button that says "Finale" on the control remote. Gary is raises his hands up high. Marlee is impressed at first, but the remote short circuits, causing his hands to spin and hit Louis offscreen. Louis lands on the seat.)

Howard: Did I say the part about the kinks?

Louis: Yeah, you did mention that.

Marlee: Look everybody, we gotta work out all the kinks. We don't have much time! Louis, you gotta make the finale bigger and more impressive! Howard and Sheen, you gotta make the bunny bigger, more impressive! We've got to seize this opportunity to help the people through the power of musical theater! We've only got a couple of days left! If we can't have Cassie Cassava and Tiana, then we've got to wow them with spectacle!

Jimmy: Miss Marlee, the posters are here!

Marlee: Great! (to Louis) Louis, can you run everyone through the Act 2 opener?

Louis: You bet. (to everyone) All right, everyone! Places for "Don't Cry For Me, Easter Bunny"!

(Don't Cry For Me, Easter Bunny starts playing)

Everyone: Don't cry for me, Easter Bunny!

The truth is you're cute and cuddly!

I set a trap out

To make you my pet!

I kept you prisoner

Don't keep my chocolate!

As for Candy Corn and painted eggs...

(As the people are still singing, we cut outside. Marlee goes out to check the posters of "Up with Bunnies".)

Marlee: This is going to be great!

Carrot Woman: Up with Bunnies...Opening Saturday night...

Carrot Man: Hey, that's the night before Cassie Cassava and Tiana are singing at the sunrise service.

Carrot Woman: I'm going to bed early.

Carrot Man: Good luck anybody coming to this...

Carrot Woman: Yeah...good luck...

(The people are singing in the background, then Marlee has an idea)

(We cut to the audition crew exiting the theater)

Jimmy: Good night, Miss Marlee!

Marlee: Good rehearsal, everyone! Just one more before opening night! Be sure to get plenty of rest!

Howard: Not me. Me and Gary are pulling an all-nighter. I'll be in the back if you need me.

(Howard and Gary enters the theater offscreen)

Marlee: All right, guys, we are sunk if we can't get Cassie Cassava to sing on opening night.

Louis: But I thought you said they're sing at the church.

Prescott: On Easter morning.

Louis: And that they couldn't sing in our show Saturday night, because they're rehearsing for the service.

Marlee: I know. I know that's what I said, but the fact is if Cassie isn't here on Saturday night, the seats will be empty! How are going to help people through the power of musical theater if there are no people there to help?!

(Something crashed offscreen, as the gear fell right in front of Louis, Marlee, and Prescott just like in the closing countertop of Are you my Neighbor.)

Howard: Excuse me.

(Howard picks up the gear before going back to the theater.)

Marlee: We've got to figure out a way to get Cassie here on Saturday night! Are you guys with me?

(Louis and Prescott thought about this as we cut to black. Fade into the Silly Song sequence.)

The Hopperena[]

Announcer: And now it's time for The Latest Dance Craze: with Jean Claude and Phillipe, the part of the show where Jean Claude and Phillipe come out and teach us the latest dance craze.

Jean Claude: 'ello boys and girls! I am Jean Claude Pea.

Phillipe: And I am Phillipe!

Jean Claude: Get ready to learn the latest dance craze sweeping the nation.

Phillipe: So, Jean Claude, where do we start?

Jean Claude: After you, Phillipe. After you.

Phillipe: (singing) We're a couple of chipper little French peas.

Jean Claude: Most of the veggies totally agree-e.

Phillipe: And when we're feeling really really happy...

Together: We do the Hopperena! (end singing)

Jean Claude: You may ask yourself, "What is the Hopperena?"

Phillipe: "And how do I do the Hopperena? What am I missing out on? Will people like me if I fail to grasp it? Should I just eat a bon-bon and go back to bed?"

Jean Claude: That's totally normal. Calm down, and we will show you. (singing) You don't need much to do the Hopperena.

Phillipe: It won't take too much time-a to explain-a.

Jean Claude: Fuzzy slippers on your feet,

Phillipe: Bunny ears upon your brain,

Together: Now do the Hopperena.

Jean Claude: Okay! Now that we've got on bunny slippers and ears, what we're going to do is take a hop to the left.

(They hop to the left)

Phillipe: Left!

Jean Claude: Beautiful! Now take a hop to the right.

(They hop to the right)

Phillipe: Right!

Jean Claude: Tres bien! You've got it! Hop to the left.

Phillipe: We do the Hopperena.

Jean Claude: Then hop to the right.

Phillipe: I love the Hopperena.

Jean Claude: Back to the left.

Phillipe: And do it once again-a.

Together: Oh, hopperena!

Jean Claude: That's it! Amazing! You have mastered the dance so quickly!

Phillipe: Let's keep going!

Jean Claude: Hop to the left.

(Archibald the Asparagus looks through the door confusedly)

Phillipe: (O.S.) We do the Hopperena.

Jean Claude: Then hop to the right.

Archibald: Hold it!

Jean Claude: Hop.

Phillipe: Hop.

Archibald: Stop the music! What are you doing?!

(The peas continue to bounce up and down, saying "hop." quietly)

Archibald: Hop to the left, hop to the right, hop to the left, hop to the right again? This isn't a dance, it's hopscotch!

Jean Claude: That's Hopperena.

(Phillipe nods proudly)

Archibald: The dance has to be more involved. You need more steps, more room for interpretation.

(The peas look at Archibald blankly)

Phillipe: We have... bunny ears.

Jean Claude: You think it's so easy? Let's see you do it.

Archibald: Alright, then.

(Music resumes playing and Archibald hops to the left and to the right. Jean Claude takes off his bunny ears.)

Jean Claude: No, no, no, no, no, You need the ears and feet.

(Phillipe puts his slippers on Archibald as Jean Claude puts his ears on Archibald's head)

(Music resumes)

Jean Claude: (singing) Archibald is a serious asparagus.

Phillipe: I believe you'd probably agree with us.

Jean Claude: The best way to not be a sourpuss...

Together: Do the Hopperena!

Jean Claude: Hop to the left.

Phillipe: He does the Hopperena.

Jean Claude: He hops to the right.

Phillipe: Try not-a to complain-a.

Jean Claude: Back to the left.

Phillipe: And do it once again-a.

Together: Hey, hopperena!

Archibald: This is actually quite fun! Let's see... I hop to the left.

Jean Claude: Hoppy hopperena!

Phillipe: Then hop to the right.

Archibald: I love the Hopperena!

Jean Claude: Back to the left.

Archibald: I'll do it once again-a. Hey Hopperena! (laughs) Oh, ha ha, haha! This is quite fun. Ha, ha, ha, haha! La, ha, ha, haha!

Jean Claude: Ahm, can I have my ears back?

Archibald: Ha, ha, ha, haha!

(Archibald climbs onto exercise ball, continuing to hum while the music plays. The peas look on.)

Phillipe: Okay, that's enough, thank you!

Archibald: (continues to laugh while the other exercise ball is knocked down and he bounces into the waltzing diagram) This is very pleasant!

Announcer: (Archibald's laughter and bouncing continues in the background) This has been The Latest Dance Craze with Jean Claude and Phillipe. Tune in next time to hear Jean Claude say...

Jean Claude: I am embarrassed for you.

Twas the Night Before Easter Act II[]

(Fade back to the theater with Howard putting the letters that says Cassie Cassava and Tiana.)

Carrot Woman: Cassie Cassava and Tiana?! Here!?! Tonight!?!?!!?

Carrot Man: Two tickets please!

(The carrots enter the theater)

Howard: I've got a bad feeling about this.

Sheen: Me too. I just hope they get Cassie and Tiana soon.

(We cut to the Crisper County Gospel Church as Pastor Erwin, Ms. B, and the chorus are rehearsing for the sunrise service.)

Choir: When I think of Easter! (Oh!) (x2)

When I think of Easter!

I think about God's love!

I think about it! (God's love!) (x2)

I think about it!

I think about God's love!

(Organ solo)

(We cut to Louis, Marlee, and Prescott. Louis is wearing the carpenter outfit. Prescott is now wearing the Representative outfit.)

Marlee: Alright, let's make sure we're all in the same page. Louis, you...

Louis: Distract the Pastor! Paint, peeling on the entrance looks terrible, gotta fix it!

Marlee: And Prescott you and I...

(Prescott gets nervous)

Marlee: (sighs) You and I...

Prescott: Uh...

Marlee: Say it.

Prescott: Lure Cassie and Tiana out of the church, onto the bus, and over to the theater.

Marlee: And we do that by...

Prescott: Making believer Representatives of America's Got British Judges.

Marlee: Okay, good.

Prescott: This so wrong!

Marlee: We just need to get them there in time for the finale. They sing, people go crazy, we bring them back, and they sing here on Sunday. It's the perfect plan.

Prescott: Yes, well, "perfect" wouldn't be my first word choice.

Marlee: Louis, you did finish writing the finale?

Louis: Uh-huh. And Howard finished supersizing Gary. Oh, it's gonna be spectacular!

Marlee: All right then. Let's go get us a star!

(Louis takes a step forward as Cassie is joining the choir.)

Cassie Cassava: When I think of Easter, (Choir: Oh!)

It's all the love of God. (Choir: Love of God!)

Sending His son from heaven above to teach me how to love (Choir: That's what He taught me!)

Jesus gave His life (Choir: Yes, He did!)

It's more than I deserve (Choir: Yes, it is!)

I'll bring his love to each and everyone. He's the reason why I serve. (Choir: I'm gonna serve him!)

All: I think about it! (Choir: Oh!) (x2)

I think about it!

I think about God's looooooove! (Cassie Cassava: I think about God's lo-o-o-o-o-o-ove!)

Louis: All right! Woo-hoo! Oh, wow! She's amazing! WOW!!!

Pastor Erwin: Can I help you?

Louis: Uh...your cable pipes are leaking in the uh...the office...the copier is...losing pressure! Quick!!! Follow me!!!

Pastor Erwin: Excuse me, please. I'll be right back.

Marlee: (whispering) What are you doing?!

Louis: (whispering) I got confused!

Pastor Erwin: Hello? Can I help you?

Louis: (offscreen) There's the the anacs!!!

Pastor Erwin: What?!

(Marlee and Prescott came to see Cassie.)

Marlee: Excuse me, we're looking for Cassie Cassava?

Cassie: Yes. I'm here. That's me.

Marlee: Good day, Mrs. Cassava. We're the legal department of America's Got British Judges.

Prescott: I'm British!

Marlee: (nervously) Yes. Yes, he is.

Prescott: We're...We're terribly sorry, Mrs. Cassava, but it seems there's been a misunderstanding with the terms of your contract as the winner of the contest. Ah, let's see. (reads the contract) "Blah, blah, blah, within six months of the telecast winner shall be obligated to perform at a at a venue in time of companies choosing, blah, blah, failure to comply, blah, will result in loss of title." So you see, Miss Cassava-

Pastor Erwin: Has anybody seen the guy...? Who are you? You look familiar. Have we met?

Louis: Oh my goodness! The youth paster is stuck in the baptismal!

Erwin: What? We don't have a youth pastor, or a baptismal! We sprinkle!

Prescott: While we're sure this is a simple oversight on your part, we must insist that you comply with the terms of your agreement.

Cassie: So, I just have to sing once wherever you want me to? But we-

Marlee: That's right. But fortunately we've already made arrangements and it won't take much of your time.

Cassie: What?

Marlee: If you'll just come with us now.

Cassie: Now? But the sunrise service is really-

Marlee: Oh, you'll be back in plenty of time.

Carrots: Huh?

Mrs. B: (to Prescott) Who are you again?

Prescott: I'm British.

(They exit, and Louis runs back into the entrance of the sanctuary where the carrots and Madame Blueberry glare at him and Pastor Erwin also glares at him from him)

Louis: Well it looks like we cleared your bap problem. Probably won't have another until Advent. (Pause) See ya! (He runs out the church and he enters the Bus with Prescott, Marlee, and Cassie and Pastor Erwin steps outside much to his anger seeing what happened)

Erwin: CASSIE?!? (He frowns)

(We cut back to the theater. As Mr. Nezzer sings the Bunny Song from "Rack, Shack, and Benny", Louis, Prescott, and Cassie dress up in bunny outfits)

Louis: It's a full house! They are loving it!

Cassie: So, I just go out there and sing this song and then I can go?

Prescott: And that's the finale?

Marlee: That's right!

(Marlee puts on the bunny hood. Cassie sings through the lyrics.)

Cassie: (singing quietly) Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies up, up, up,up, Up with Bunnies

Louis: Perfect!

Mr. Nezzer: For the bunny!

(The Bunny Song ends as the crowd cheers and chants Cassie)

Marlee: Okay, it's time for the finale!

(Up with Bunnies starts playing)

Chorus: Bunnies...bunnies...bunnies...Up with Bunnies!

Cassie: Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies, (with chorus) up, up, up, (without chorus) up, Up with Bunnies

They’re so furry and adorable, oh, (with chorus) bunnies make me smile

They’re so fuzzy, they’re so chubby eating marsh-y-mallow yummies

They’re just hopping, hopping, hoping (with chorus) you’ll hop with ‘em for a while!

Chorus: Bunnies! Up...up...

Up with Bunnies! Up...up... (Cassie: Oh, bunnies...)

Up with Bunnies! Up...up... (Cassie: C'mon with the bunnies...)

Up with Bunnies! (Cassie: Bu-Bu-Bu-Bunnies!)

Announcer: Fancy bunnies, sporty bunnies too!

Tartan plaid bunnies with a hint of khaki!

Bunnies on ice, bunnies just like tribesmen!

Giant robot bunnies!

Chorus: Up...Up with Bunnies!

Up...Up with Bunnies!

Up...Up with Bunnies!


Cassie: Oh, bunnies...

Oh, yeah, c’mon with the bu-bu-bu-bunnies...

Oh, bunnies...

Chorus and Cassie: Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies, up, up, up, up, Up with Bunnies

They’re so furry and adorable, oh, bunnies make us smile

They’re so fuzzy, they’re so chubby, even giant robot bunnies

They’re just hopping, hopping, hoping you’ll hop with ‘em for a while!

We’re just hopping, hopping, hopping you’ll smile with us...

Cassie: For a whiiiiiiiiile!

Chorus: Up with...

Chorus and Cassie: Bunnies!

Cassie: Ohhhh, bunnies!

(Howard pulls the levers up breaking it)

Howard: Uh-oh! We appear once again to have kinks!

(Gary is raising his arms so high that he's breaking the building)

Howard: Ahhh! Gary is breaking the building I can't stop him! Run!!

(The audience run for their lives as Gary destroys the place.)

Howard: Stop it, Gary! Bad bunny! Bad boy! Heel! Sit! Stay!

(Gary falls forward as we cut to black.. We fade outside of the destroyed theater as it snows. Marlee mopes about what happened.)

Marlee: Oh, look what I've done.

Prescott: Thank goodness no one was injured.

Marlee: I just wanted to help people and I've made a total mess of things! All this could have been a disaster!

Louis: Could have been? I pretty much say this is a disaster. Look, Marlee, I've always liked working with you, but, I think it's time for me to go back to my old job at Channel 3. It's not too late. I'm freezing. My mom's probably worried about me. I'm...I'm gonna go home. See ya around, Marlee.

(Louis leaves to go home, leaving Marlee very alone. Prescott has also left.)

Marlee: Oh, what am I going to do? I don't even have a place to stay. (The Crisper County Homeless Shelter sign starts lighting up.)

Marlee: "Crisper County Homeless Shelter." Oh, well, I suppose I qualify.

(Marlee heads to the homeless shelter. We see owner named, Mrs. Clark (played by Grandma Gourd) sitting on the desk.)

Mrs. Clark: Hi, Miss! Happy Easter! Can I help you?

Marlee: I...I need a place to sleep tonight. Do you suppose...

Mrs. Clark: You two are most certainly welcome to stay here tonight. It's freezing! They say it may snow.

Marlee: Thanks. It's already started.

Mrs. Clark: We'll be having breakfast before folks head out to the sunrise service. But you should be able to get a little sleep. Let me show you where you can rest. (We cut to the room where Marlee is supposed to sleep)

Marlee: (sighs) Easter. In a homeless shelter. It wasn't the part of the plan. I...I just wanted to help people.

Mother (played by Lisa Asparagus): (offscreen) How were you going to do that?

(We cut to the mother and Joshua (played by Junior Asparagus), who is sleeping with his teddy bear)

Marlee: With a big production. I've always thought theater had the power to give people a vision of something bigger, something more important.

Joshua's Mother: Hmm. That's sounds nice. We've never been to the theater, Joshua and I.

Marlee: Why are you here?

Joshua's Mother: Well, life's been kinda rough these last few years. We had nowhere to turn. These nice folks here have really helped us.

Marlee: Really?

Joshua's Mother: Yeah. Meals, a warm place to sleep, Joshua can go to school, we're so thankful. One day, we'll get back to our feet. Looks like they're helping you too.

Marlee: (sighs) Yeah. I guess they are.

Joshua's Mother: Good night.

Marlee: Good night.

(Marlee falls asleep as we fade to black. We fade to Marlee and Cathrine heard all the commotion.)

Mrs. Clark: Happy Easter, Pastor Erwin! Ms. B!

Pastor Erwin: Happy Easter!

Ms. B: Happy Easter! Sorry we are so late!

Mrs. Clark: It looks like it's really coming down out there.

Pastor Erwin: It's a big Spring Snow!

Ms. B: Ze bus barely made it!

Pastor Erwin: Mrs. Clark, I think we should get everyone who wants to come to the sunrise service on the bus right away!

Ms. B: We're afraid if we wait and have breakfast here, we won't make it back before sunrise!

Pastor Erwin: And you can't have a sunrise service if you miss the sunrise! (chuckles)

Mrs. Clark: Oh, that's so true!

Homeless Girl: Mrs. Clark, I need to go to the bathroom.

Pastor Erwin: Besides, the folks here won't want to miss Cassie Cassava and Tiana singing! Thank goodness they came back last night. Can you believe the nerve of some people practically kidnapping her to sing in some silly show about bunnies!

Marlee: Some people do have a lot of nerve.

Pastor Erwin: (gasps) You!?

Marlee: I'm sorry, Pastor Erwin. All what I did was wrong. I wanted to help people, but I wasn't helping anybody. Will you forgive me?

Pastor Erwin: What?! Uh...

Ms. B: Hmm. It seems putting on an impressive show isn't all zhat is cracked up to be sometimes. Right, Pastor Erwin?

Pastor Erwin: (sighs) No. I guess it's not. I forgive you, Marlee is it?

Marlee: Mmm-hmm. Maybe the best thing you can do when you want to help someone is, well, just help.

Pastor Erwin: Yeah, that's right.

Marlee: So, it's there anything I can do to help?

Homeless Girl: Can you take me to the bathroom?

(This makes, Pastor Erwin, Ms. B, Marlee, and Mrs. Clark laugh.)

Ms. B: Zhat is so cute.

Marlee: Sure. (As Marlee took the homeless girl to the bathroom, the bus driver, Scooter appears, panicking.)

Scooter: We're not going anywhere! The bus is stuck in the snow!

Ms. B: What?! No!

Joshua: Oh, no!

(Prescott, Howard, and Louis appear)

Louis: Has anybody seen Marlee?

Marlee: Louis, Prescott, Howard?! What are you doing here?!

Louis: We were worried about you!

Howard: With all this snow.

Prescott: And no place to stay. We just wanted to make sure you and Cathrine were all right.

Marlee: Oh, thank you, guys!

Homeless Girl: (offscreen) Thank you, Miss Marlee!

Marlee: But how did you get here with this blizzard?

Howard: Bunny Power!

Louis: Gary's awesome in the snow! Doesn't even phase him!

Howard: His turbocharged Hopper is better than four-wheel drive!

Marlee: You know, we might not have to miss the sunrise service after all!

(We cut to Gary the Robot Bunny tying himself to a school bus. Everyone gets in the bus.)

Scooter: I don't know if this is a good idea.

Pastor Erwin: I think it's a great idea. There's no time to waste! The sun will be up any minute! All right, boys! Can you get us to the church on time?

Louis: You got it, Pastor Erwin!

Howard: Here comes Gary Cottontail!

(Gary is shown running through town with the bus in tow.)

Louis: Hey, this is fun! Can I try?

Howard: No can do, pal! You are not qualified! This is a highly technical piece of machinery!

Louis: It doesn't look so hard. What's this do?

Howard: Never touch the red button!

Louis: Why not?

Howard: Don't you ever watch movies? The red button is always trouble!

(Gary is going to the right of the street)

Scooter: She's breaking up, Reverend!

Howard: Smooth sailing, now!

(Louis notices a puppy (played by Benny the Dog) who is eating a donut on a street)

Louis: Puppy!

(Gary jumps over a puppy, causing Pastor Erwin to jump.)

Pastor Erwin: Hey. Ahh.

Louis: That wasn't so bad.

(Louis and Howard notices the "Road Construction" sign straight ahead)

Louis and Howard: ROAD CONSTRUCTION! (screams)

Ms. B, Marlee, and Scooter: (screams)

Pastor Erwin: Am I the only one without a seatbelt?

Louis: Hold on!

(We see a sign that says...)

Louis and Howard: Even more Construction!!?!! (screams)

Louis: I can't look!

(Howard pulls the lever, making Gary turn the other ways to avoid the cones, causing the others in the bus to roll over)

Howard: Fifth grade hopscotch champion.

Marlee: It's almost sunrise! The sky is turning pink!

Pastor Erwin: (dizzily) And I'm black and blue!

Ms. B: I can see ze steeple!

Louis: The streets are getting clearer! Looks like the snow plow came through.

(Gary stops, causing Pastor Erwin to hita window.)

Pastor Erwin: Ow.

Marlee: Hey! What's going on? Why did we stop?

(Gary sits down)

Howard: The snow plow came through, all right! They cleared the streets and dumped it all here!

(We pan to the snow pile that is indeed too big to get past.)

Louis: We can't get through that! What do we do?

Howard: Wait for the spring thaw.

Marlee: But...the sunrise service...

Ms. B: I think we are going to miss eet.

Howard: Don't feel bad, Gary. It was a good run.

Louis: It's not over yet, Howie!

Howard: What? What are you talking about?

Louis: Failure is not an option, Howie!

(Louis focuses on the red button.)

Howard: Louis? No! You can't do that! It's...

Louis: On your feet soldier!

(Louis pulls the lever, making Gary get up.)

Howard: No Louis... Louis, no!

(Louis presses the red button, causing Gary to wind up. Gary picks up the bus.)

Louis: Hold on, everybody!

Howard: No!

(Gary puts the bus on his back like a backpack and then jumps so high they land on the top of the snow pile. He puts the bus down and gets on it.)

Louis: Ride 'em busboy! Woo hoo!

(Gary taps the bus, causing it to slide down the snow pile. Then they finally make it to the church. The bus door opens, as Pastor Erwin falls into the snow.)

Pastor Erwin: Are we there yet?

(We cut to Marlee, Cassie Cassava, her friends, and the others in the church.)

All: Christ the Lord, is risen today, Alleluia!

Earth and heaven and chorus say, Alleluia!

Raise your joys and triumphs high, Alleluia!

Sing, ye heavens, and earth, reply, Alleluia!

(Cut to Marlee sitting by Cassie)

Marlee: Cassie? Will you forgive me for tricking you into singing in my show?

Cassie: Of course, I will. Hey, if you don't count the building falling down, it was kind of fun!

Pastor Erwin: (reading the Bible) "And so the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many." So as we remember His death and resurrection on this Easter Sunday, let's serve others like Jesus served us.

(Ms. B plays the organ)

Cassie: That's our cue. Hey, why don't you do this with us?

Marlee: Me?! With you? Cassie, I don't even know this song!

Cassie: Oh, come on! You'll pick it up quick. I did it with your rabbit song.

(When I Think of Easter Reprise)

Choir: When I think of Easter! (Oh!) (x2)

When I think of Easter!

I think about God's love!

I think about it! (God's love!) (x2)

I think about it!

I think about God's love!

Cassie Cassava: When I think of Easter, (Choir: Oh!)

It's all the love of God. (Choir: Love of God!)

Sending His son from heaven above to teach me how to love (Choir: That's what He taught me!)

Jesus gave His life (Choir: Yes, He did!)

It's more than I deserve (Choir: Yes, it is!)

I'll bring His love to each and everyone.

He's the reason why i serve. (Choir: I'm gonna serve him)

Marlee Meade and Cassie Cassava: When I think about Easter, (Choir: Oh!)

I'll take a look around! (Choir: Look around)

Lord, help me to see the people in need across the world or in out town! (Choir: Lord, help me see them!)

Join us in our singing (Choir: Oh!)

And spread the Easter cheer! (Choir: Spread it out!)

Cassie Cassava: Helping one another!

Marlee and Choir: One great big ol' reason why we're here! (Cassie Cassava: Oh!)

All: When I think of Easter (Oh!) (x2)

When I think of Easter I think about God's love!

I think about it! (God's love!) (x2)

I think about it!

He's the reason why we serve!

Reason why we serve! (Cassie Cassava: Ohhhhhh-oh yeeeeeeeaaaa-aaa-aa-aaaaah! Ohhhh!)

When I think about Easter!

Cassie Cassava: Yeah!

(The final shot shows a playground right in the spot where the theater once was, with Gary being made a part of it. We iris out, ending the story)

Closing Countertop[]

(Fades back to the countertop)

Larry: That was a real nice story, Bob.

Bob: Thanks, Larry!

Larry: And a great reminder of what's really important about Easter: Jesus!

Bob: That's right!

Larry: By the way, thanks for helping me get the egg open.

Bob: You're welcome.

Larry: I'm bummed out it was empty, though.

Bob: Well, you shouldn't be.

Larry: Why not?

Bob: Because this is an egg that reminds us that Jesus tomb was empty, on that first Easter morning.

Larry: Oh, I get it! Well then I'm not bummed out at all that's awesome!

Bob: It sure is. Let's see if Qwerty has a verse for us today.

Vocalists: (singing) And so what we have learned applies to our lives today

God has a lot to say in His book.

Timmy: I never get tired of that song.

Larry: Me either.

Vocalists: You see, we know that God’s word is for everyone

now that our song is done, we’ll take a look.

(moments of silence)

Bob: Uh, Qwerty?

Larry: Oh, remember Bob, Qwerty's got Sundays off.

Bob: (gasps) That's right! Hold on a second.

(Bob gets the Bible. Moments of silence again.)

Larry: So, it turns out the golden egg was empty. No cream-filled bunny.

Timmy: That's okay. I've got plenty of jellybeans.

Larry: Oh, jellybeans! I LOVE jellybeans!

(Bob is back with the bible.)

Bob: Here we go. (opens the bible) Mark 10:45; "For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."

Larry: The Son of Man is Jesus, right Bob?

Bob: That's right, Larry. Jesus came to serve us, even giving his life for us.

Larry: And rising again on Easter!

Bob: So, Timmy, does this help to remind you what's really important about Easter?

Timmy: Yes, remembering that Jesus did for us, and trying to be like him.

Bob: You got it, buddy.

Larry: But we're still cool with the chocolate bunnies, eggs and jellybean thing though, right?

Bob: Absolutely.

Larry: Oh, good.

Bob: Well, that's all the time we have for today, kids. Remember, God made you special...

Larry: ...and he loves you very much.

Bob, Larry and Timmy: Bye!

(Fade to black, roll credits.)

(end of transcript)