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"The Song of the Cebú" incident occurred between 1997 and 1998 in VeggieTales history, and it was named after what occurred during that song.

How it started

During Josh and the Big Wall!, Larry played a silly song about a boy and his 3 Cebú (the boy had a mute one, a sad one & a sick one. There was also a hippo involved.) with Jimmy, Jerry, and Junior. But he also showed some images while he was on vacation with Bob, The Peach, and his aunt Ruth, though he states it was a mix-up from Photo Hut. Because of this, and also due to the fact that he couldn't understand the song, Archibald Asparagus interrupts the song twice, once at the beginning and finally at the end (He did it the first time because he questioned Larry's way of presenting the song & he wanted to know what on earth a Cebú was. The second time he interrupted was when he started asking Larry a flurry of questions, these being what happened next, if the hippo saw them, if the poor mute Cebú is successful in communicating the imminent danger to the boy, sad Cebú, & sick Cebú, if the boy is injured, why is the Sad Cebú so sad, & if the canoe is made out of wood or aluminum). Archibald says that the song was quite disappointing & he was going to have to speak to Bob about this.

For the next episode, Larry was about to sing a Silly Song about him being stuck in a bear trap, but then, Archibald barged in and told the narrator guy to hold on just a moment, to wait and to stop talking. Archibald excused himself as he had an extremely important announcement. He then read said announcement to the audience from a sheet of paper, which stated that since VeggieTales needs to adhere to their high qualities, and as a result of what happened during The Song of the Cebú in the previous episode, management had decided to revise songs from other performers for that specific segment. Several songs were listened to, and they chose the one that was based on the applicant's sense of artistry and all-around propriety. Archibald then thanked the audience for listening to the announcement and left. Larry was confused as to what Archibald just said and asked him what he just said. So, Archibald turned around and told Larry in plain English that because of what happened last time, Silly Songs with Larry is to be cancelled until further notice before leaving. Larry is somewhat shocked and says "Oh, yeah? Well, then how am I supposed to get out of this bear trap?" Archibald then replied off screen that he is sure Larry will figure something out. He then gave Mr. Lunt a chance to sing a song, though he expected he was going to sing about growing up in Connecticut, but Mr. Lunt states that he grew up in New Jersey, and he sang a song about Jerry's love for cheeseburgers.

The Outcome

After the events of Madame Blueberry, Larry went to Jimmy Gourd's ice cream parlor and drowned his sorrows on ice cream, until he started a nightmare of the events of both Josh and the Big Wall! and Madame Blueberry. Jimmy was forced to snap him out of it, and afterwards, he attempted to cheer Larry up by playing songs from multiple past VeggieTales episodes on the jukebox. Archibald Asparagus then appeared at the parlor along with Lovey, later explaining the reason Silly Songs with Larry was cancelled was that he was simply acting to the public's best interest to keep the songs from being too silly since they have qualities they need to stick to, despite Jimmy being somewhat scornful of the fact that this was what caused Larry to sink into his depression. He then tells Larry that he received multiple letters and petitions from fans who actually wanted Silly Songs with Larry to make somewhat of a comeback, and wanted to resolve the whole issue. Silly Songs with Larry was reinstated and, in joy, Larry introduced his then-new Silly Song "The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps" by playing it on the jukebox.

The petition

"We, the undersigned, believe that Archibald Asparagus should forgive and forget the The Song of the Cebú incident and return Silly Songs with Larry to regular Veggie programming.

Signed 167,512 adoring fans, including, but not limited to, the entire population of Duluth, Minnesota, and even someone in Moose Lake."


The petition for bringing back Silly Songs with Larry occurred after the events of Madame Blueberry, where WJRF had a petition to bring it back after Archibald Asparagus stated that they were cancelled. Mike Nawrocki thought it was a good idea to use that to tell a story for the next video, while using the painting idea of Nighthawks as the main vision for the setting of the video's story.