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Heads Up! é um jogo do site oficial inglês.

Personagens para Escolher[]

  • Jimmy e Jerry
  • Lenny Cenoura
  • Júnior
  • Bob
  • Rosie Uva
  • Vovô George
  • Ana
  • Madame Blueberry
  • Larry
  • Scooter

Dicas sobre os Personagens (Em Inglês)[]

  • Jimmy Abóbora
    1. He wanted his money back after watching Larry's "Song of the Cebú".
    2. Like his brother, he likes to eat a lot. Good thing he runs an ice cream parlor!
    3. His brother's name is Jerry.
  • Lenny Cenoura
    1. At Christmas time, he wanted TEN Buzz-Saw Louie toys.
    2. Junior Asparagus accused him of feeding a bowling plate to a crocodile.
    3. His sister is Laura Carrot.
  • Júnior Aspargos
    1. The Grape family called him a "cheese-headed bean boy."
    2. His dad calls him "little mister."
    3. He learned an important lesson about lying when a giant space alien grabbed him.
  • Bob
    1. He taught Junior Asparagus that "God is bigger than the boogie man!"
    2. He gave away Larry's hairbrush.
    3. He's one of the co-hosts of VeggieTales.
  • Rosie Uva
    1. Do you know what 70 times 7 is? She does.
    2. She made fun of Junior Asparagus, till she learned it was wrong to tease others.
    3. Her brother's name is Tom.
  • Vovô George
    1. He's Annie's grandpa.
    2. He's Dinkletown's mailman in The Toy That Saved Christmas.
    3. This scallion was also the gatekeeper of the Nezzer Chocolate Factory.
  • Ana
    1. Shelby Vischer performs her voice.
    2. She was thankful for the sun in her sky, her mom and her dad, and her piece of apple pie.
    3. She's George the scallion's granddaughter.
  • Madame Blueberry
    1. She enjoys shopping.
    2. She is the mayor of Bumblyburg.
    3. She learned that "a thankful heart is a happy heart", but lost her house in the process!
  • Larry
    1. He cried a lot -- and drank a lot of milkshakes -- in Silly Sing-Along 2.
    2. His secret identity has super-suction ears!
    3. He co-hosts VeggieTales, with Bob the Tomato.
  • Jerry Abóbora
    1. He loves popcorn balls.
    2. He starred in Mr. Lunt's love song, "His Cheeseburger".
    3. His hungry brother is Jimmy Gourd.
  • Scooter
    1. He played one of the Israelites in Josh and the Big Wall!
    2. He's the local police officer in Bumblyburg.
    3. He got his VeggieTales start as the chief engineer of The USS Applepies.


  • "Heads up" é usado como um aviso informal, cautela ou ligue para a atenção em inglês.
  • O jogo não está mais disponível depois que o site foi reestruturado. No entanto, o jogo ainda pode ser encontrado nos Internet Archives.

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